Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Newest BIG NEWS

I am so excited!! Over a year ago I posted a blog entry about how I sent NPR an essay for their "This I Believe" series. I never heard back from them so I posted my essay on here.

TODAY I received an e-mail from KUHF telling me that they are now teaming up with NPR to present local segments of "This I Believe". He said that NPR had forwarded them my essay and that they want for me to go in and record it for the local show!!

I was so extremely excited that I screamed. I called my husband immediately and then proceeded to call each of my three sisters and my dad.

When something like this happens it just makes me feel so good about my writing. I felt validated, even though I know I should be confident on my own. But it still feels good.

I especially loved it when the radio producer said, "I think your essay is outstanding and I believe it would be a great radio piece for our listeners to enjoy."

Talk about a shot of confidence in the arm! Thank you KUHF!!!

I go in and record it on Thursday. I'll keep you all posted on what date they'll have it on the air.

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Moose said...

You will need to send me an autograph photo of yourself before your become famous. : )