Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"You Were Born a Daughter" Famous Nike Ad

Prompted by all the visits that I receive to this site because of the Nike quotes collection I set out to find the images to the quotes I use on my post popular page. I found all of them but one. What I found very interesting on my quest is that I learned that this one ad is considered one of the most influential ads of all time. I was thrilled when I found one blogger had all 8 pages of the ad campaign.

In fact, another blogger mentioned that this ad was featured on the show Independent Lens as ad campaigns that changed the world and she talks about how it changed hers.

I could relate because I remember reading this ad and feeling the same way in 1999. (I was 29) What's funny is that until I found it online the other day I didn't realize that it was EIGHT pages long! Wow Nike! Talk about really wanting to drive their message home. And I think they did if I remember it all these years later.


Thank you for these words Nike! I still work on remembering them every day.


Michelle said...

what a terrific ad campaign!

Michelle said...

I read this and I think: Damn! I wish I'd written that!

Survey said...

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Delma Hoover said...

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