Saturday, May 26, 2007

School's Out for Summer!

School is out. My laptop died. I've been doing really great on Weight Watchers. The baby is half potty trained. My house is an out of control mess. I'm going to spend the long weekend cleaning and washing.

It's such a shame that I have a nice long weekend and what I need to do more than anything is clean my house. It is beyond messy right now, if there's such a place as beyond. You get the picture. My cleaning lady hasn't been here in 2 weeks and she's the one who helps me keep it somewhat under control. I actually pick up a little the day before she comes so it's not so messy and she can do the real cleaning.

One of the best parts of school being out is that I will be able to work out again on a more regular basis. There won't be any more homework or worries about getting Miranda to bed at a decent hour. I can pick them up after work and go straight to the gym from there. This week I went to the gym twice. I worked out 40 minutes one day and an hour the other. It felt good. That together with following the Weight Watchers points plan really close and taking a Noni juice shot twice a day and I've lost 5 lbs already!

And yes, the baby is half potty trained. He's going pee-pee but he's still having issues with #2. He has no problem going #1 because he just stands to do it. He doesn't like the idea of sitting on the potty. If you have any ideas on how I can get him to go on the potty send me an e-mail.

The sad part of my story today is my laptop. It actually died! Half the screen is blank. I'm so disappointed. I haven't touched my novel or updated my lit agent list in over a week. I don't know when I can get another one. Meanwhile I will have to back up all my stuff to my external hard drive and put my novel folder on my desktop. Which means that Rey and I have to share computers now. Oh well, it could have been worse. At least I can still access my files.

Busy weekend ahead of us. I'll write more later.

Friday, May 18, 2007

I'm Awful at this Mom Thing

Okay, I know I'm being hard on myself. I know I'm a pretty good mom most of the time but sometimes.... Like today. It was Field Day at school. Miranda had already let me know that she was feeling stressed about competing. My sister was giving us a ride to work and school because Rey had to get some work done our truck. Well, being that we were doing things out of our regular routine, I forgot to give her her lunch kit. My sister took her to school first and then came back for me. She said that she'd take it to my daughter later so I didn't stress too much.

I was also worried because she didn't have a red t-shirt. I didn't find out her team/class was wearing red t-shirts until Thursday and then I didn't have time to get her a t-shirt. Now suddenly I was beating myself up for not going out of my way, even if it was to go to Walmart at midnight, to get her a red t-shirt. I started remembering what it was like to be that age and to feel awkward and out of place.

My sister called me later to tell me she made it to school just in time to take Miranda her lunch and that when she walked in Miranda had a distressed look on her face, because she didn't think my sister was going to make it on time. My sister also noticed that everyone had on a red t-shirt except my poor little girl and one other little boy. I felt so bad!!

I told my sister that we were terrible, stressing her out that way. Her for taking her her lunch at the last possible minute and me for not going out of my way to get her a red t-shirt. I told her that it reminded me of the stressful situations I found myself in sometimes when I was a kid. She asked like what. I told her about the time I threw up.

I can't remember what grade I was in, maybe 2nd or 3rd grade. I was at lunch and some kids starting playing with food, which always grossed me out. This time they were throwing around a napkin with applesauce all over it. It landed on my tray and that was it. I lost it. I threw up everything I had just eaten.

The teacher sent me to the nurse's office and they called my parents. Unfortunately this was before cell phones (the 70s) and my mother was at work that day. I had no other choice but to put on the hideous clothes they gave me while they went and washed my clothes in the dishwasher, I think. I figured I would just hide out in the nurse's office until my clothes was ready. Of all days, they decided to paint the nurse's office.

Now I found myself out in the hall in the horrible clothes. The pants were crazy plaid gaucho pants and I can't remember the shirt, except that it was ugly. I wished that I could disappear. I remember sitting there and wishing I was invisible. I could not believe that that was happening to me.

Some kids even walked by and asked me what I was wearing.

When my clothes finally came back they smelled like they had been washed with the dirty dish rags. It was horrible and definitely one of the worse days of my life. Oh what warm memories!

The happy ending to Miranda's story is that when I picked her up this afternoon she said that she had a lot of fun. She chose to participate in the zig zag race and she said another little girl's mother let her borrow a red t-shirt. I asked about the little boy that my sister saw and she said that he did have a red t-shirt too. Alls well that ends well!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Movies I Want to See

Music and Lyrics
Because I Said So
Catch and Release

All chick fliks I know. There ain't no shame!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Back on the Wagon

I don't talk about falling off the "lifestyle change" wagon much but those of you who know me, and how hectic life has been for me lately, know that I haven't been going to the gym regularly and that I stopped doing the Weight Watchers thing a while back. Well it shows.

It got really bad this semester when the baby went back to the sitter's because it changed my route. It was a lot easier to go to the gym before because I used to pick him up from pre-school first, then my daughter, and the gym was really close to her school. So I would just proceed to the gym from there, even if it was for a quick half hour of circuit work.

That all changed when I took the baby back to the sitter's. I got lazy because now I pick up my daughter first, then the baby at the sitter's. I had to drive all the way back out towards my daughter's school again to go the gym.

One good thing about the my daughter being out for the summer will be that I don't have to worry about homework for a while! I will be able to pick them both up at the sitter's at the same time and we'll go to the gym from there without any excuses at least twice a week. I'm going to start going to the gym during lunch again.

I also rejoined Weight Watchers Online. We'll see how it goes this round. I have some really big goals this time around. I need to have them, for both health and vanity reasons. I have my 20 year reunion next year! We had a 5 year, 10 year and 15 year small one, so it's not like people haven't seen me over the years, but it's still a good idea to have a little bit of pride.

My mom and I used to always joke, "Una mujer tiene que tener una poca de dignidad!" Meaning of course that women needed to have some pride and dignity. Which is why I hardly ever leave the house without some make-up. You just never know who you will bump into.

Today was my first day back on Weight Watchers and I'm proud to say I did really well. What I like the most about Weight Watchers is that it makes you accountable. It makes you write down what you eat each day. I'm not usually good at that so this forces me to do it.

It's late and I have to check on my laundry, pack a gym bag, and pack the baby's bag. I'm sending another round of queries out this week. Good night!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Another Busy Season

Hello! Busy week. I sent out a new round of queries on Monday. It made me feel very industrious. I'm sending out a new batch this weekend if I can get my husband to hook the printer up to my laptop. He's helping fix a co-worker's computer so he has all that hooked up right now where our regular desk top is.

On the home front I'm potty training this week with the help of my baby sitter. Last Sunday I made the discovery that the baby (turned 3 last week) had transitioned over to knowing the urge of having to pee. So on Sunday I packed up all his little boy underwear in his back pack and told the baby sitter I thought he was ready this time. Imagine our surprise when he really did show us he was ready. He had 2 accidents on the first day but he continued the rest of the week pretty accident-free. Except in one area. The #2 department!

He is so scared of going #2 in the potty. We can not understand why. He even asked the sitter to put his pamper on so he could poop. Very weird but we are working through it until he's ready. The sitter believes that once he does it once he'll get over whatever fear he has. I hope so.

Yesterday I did something I should have done all school year. I took cupcakes for Miranda's class at lunch. Since we don't celebrate birthdays or the holidays I thought it would be something special she could do. On Valentine's Day I told her to tell the kids that she was going to bring them cards on another day that wasn't a holiday "just because." So on the last day of school she is taking friendship cards to all her classmates. We have to go buy 22 cards soon because school is over in 9 days!

I've taken the last day of school off to volunteer at Miranda's school for the "end of school" party. That should be fun! (wink) I have to start planning her kindergarten graduation party and the baby's potty party. (he gets a Chuck E Cheese party once he's completely trained)

Today is my cousin's daughter's graduation and we're going to the late celebration luncheon. I'm going alone with the 2 kids because Rey has some work to do. We are starting on renovations of our restroom soon. A big project!

So between queries, potty training, work, the end of school, graduation parties and a home renovation, this is a busy season once again.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

It's Only Tuesday and...

On Monday I found out my hard drive on my work computer crashed. On Tuesday I found out my work computer profile is corrupt and I had a flat driving from one office to the other. Oh joy! I wonder what the rest of the week has in store? Do I even dare ask???

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

More Chicago Pictures

Picasso Sculpture
Joan Miro Sculpture

Joe DiMaggio Statue in Little Italy (in plaza next to the Starbucks)

Houses in the neighborhood behind the plaza next to the Starbucks in Little Italy.

What a Homecoming!

I came home to two sick children. The baby boy was running fever all weekend so I had to run him to the doctor early in the morning Monday, after dropping my daughter off at school. That evening when I was about to leave work to pick up my daughter from after school I got a call that she wasn't feeling well and her head was hurting.

My sister, who lives around the corner from the school, picked her up and by the time I got to her house to pick her up she was fast asleep and very warm. I let her sleep there because it was raining hard outside and I still had to go pick up the baby from the sitter's. I went back later and picked her up once she had napped, but she still didn't feel well. She came home and only wanted salad for dinner. I let her eat that, at least it was something, and she went to bed early.

I had taken today off originally to take chaperon a field trip for my daughter, because I haven't done it all school year, but instead I had to take a wellness day to stay home with her. She woke up very hot and I know that all she has is the same thing her brother has so there's no point in taking her to the doctor so she can tell me the same thing she told me about the baby. She didn't even want to prescribe anything.

So here we are at home. My daughter is feeling a little better. She watched cartoons all morning and now she's doing arts and crafts with paper and scotch tape. I told her that if she's feeling better we'll run to the store. I need some manila envelopes and business envelopes so I can start sending out queries again.

Welcome home to motherhood!