Thursday, June 28, 2007

Parenthood Challenges

Since I'm a working mom there are things I don't get to do during the summer with my kids that I wish I could. Like going to the pool and teaching them to swim. That is something I want to do before this summer is up because it's going to fly by.

Another thing is teaching them to ride their bikes. The baby still doesn't have pedaling down. He understands the concept but he can't push the pedal down all the way enough for the other pedal to come up to push again.

My little girl understands pedaling but she can't ride her bike without training wheels yet. Something happened to her bike and the baby-sitter's husband had to take the wheels off so now she can't ride her bike.

Last night we had bike riding lessons. They recently made a sidewalk alongside our house so I took them both out after dinner. I held on to the back of my daughter's bike while she pedaled along. Then I pulled the baby along while he practiced pedaling. It was fun and we all got some exercise. I told them we're going to do this every evening until they learn to ride their bikes then I'll send my daughter's bike back to the sitter's.

These are the things you don't think about when you decide to be a working parent. These are just some of the challenges, along with reading to them every night, having my daughter read a few minutes herself, doing flash cards of the alphabet and numbers with the baby, and... well you get the picture.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Old Friends

I went to my district convention this past weekend. It's a three day event and both informative and yes, even physically tiring with two little ones. The information that was covered was spiritually encouraging. I find it so important to be balanced in life and I feel that the spiritual side of our lives is so important.

One of the fringe benefits of going to an event like this one is that I get to see so many old (and I don't mean aged because I'm one of those too) faces. I love seeing my old friends. I saw some friends I hadn't seen in five years (how the time flies!) and another I hadn't seen in more than ten years. He had a girl and a boy just like me. It was really nice to see them all.

Dear friends
Fond memories of our younger years
80s music
Late nights at Bennigan's or Denny's
Dancing in parks
Music blaring from our car stereo
Sitting together at conventions
Taking notes and passing notes
Happy Times and Sad
Dear friends of mine

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Another Milestone

Yesterday the baby sitter calls and says, "The baby has something to tell you."

The baby gets on the phone. "I went poo-poo in the potty!!!" he screams excitedly.

"Oh baby! Congratulations!"

"Now I can have my Chuck E Cheese party!"

It was a sweet victory! I was so happy for him. We cross another milestone.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Seven Random Facts About Me

I've been tagged by Suvii. Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write their own blog with their 7 things as well as these rules. You need to tag 7 others and list their names on your blog. Remember to leave a comment for them letting them know they have been tagged and to read your blog.

My 7 random facts about me:

1. I hate to wash the silverware. I wash all the dishes and then I leave the silverware and go back to it later.

2. I absolutely love O Magazine. It's my favorite magazine. I like it better than I ever even liked Young Miss, Teen, Seventeen or Cosmo.

3. I graduated #37 out of 337 in high school.

4. I believe in co-sleeping. I sleep with both my kids. I figure they will grow up soon enough and they won't want to sleep with me any more. Besides, I agree with studies that have shown that children who co-sleep are more self-confident. I see that in both by kids.

5. I was on the swim and track teams in middle school. I swam the 100 Freestyle and I threw the shot-put.

6. I love to travel to Europe. I have been six times. The first time I went to 5 countries. I've been to Spain three times and Italy twice.

7. I have worked for a newspaper for 22 years if you count high school and college.

Back to the Beach & Downtown Mishaps

I'm so excited. My mother in law got the beach house for a weekend in July. I'm really looking forward to a whole weekend at the beach. The kids will have a blast. We have a cousin's wedding in Galveston that same weekend so it works out great.

I had an accident last week and I'm still in pain. I fell downtown on the hard sidewalk in front of a restaurant. Yes, right in front of the big window with all the people eating inside. At first I didn't know what hurt worse, my pride or my knees. It didn't take too long to realize it was my knees.

I was walking in a hurry to meet a client and one of my co-workers at a restaurant downtown. I was looking through the window for them and the next thing I knew I was on my hands and knees on the sidewalk. I stood up and one of my knees was completely bloody and the other one was slightly bloody. I tripped on a hole in the sidewalk. I felt horrible. It took me a few minutes to regain my composure. Thank goodness the client is an old friend and my co-worker is also a friend of mine, so they were very understanding. I had to clean myself up and bandage my knees in the restroom, but I went ahead with the meeting. Here I am a week later and my knees are barely healing and they still hurt!

The restaurant personnel were very apologetic but they were quick to point out that the hole was the city's fault. I still don't understand why they wouldn't take the initiative to put a cone over the hole if they know it's there. The best thing is, there are TWO holes. S0 I had a 2 in one chance of falling. How lovely!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Very Sad about Bitten

I made it out across town to the Steve & Barry's store at Almeda Mall. Everything is REALLY casual. Cute, but casual. Three of the dresses I had seen on either Oprah or in O Magazine were there but none were in my size. Being a plus size girl myself I was looking for the larger sizes advertised. There were none. At first I thought that they were sold out of my size but then I saw a bunch of clothes that had just come in and they didn't have my size either. That's when I sadly realized that there was nothing there in my size.

I bumped into a co-worker there and she told me she had to buy everything a size larger than her regular size. I thought that was interesting.

When I came home I started googling to see what others had said about the clothing line. One of the comments I saw over and over again was that the sizes ran small. For example, someone who wore a size 8 in jeans had to buy a 12 but then the waist was too big. They said the sizes were true to the designer sizes. Very interesting....

I hate saying that Sarah Jessica Parker made me sad because it's really not her. Actually it's Steve & Barry's that didn't make sure to have more of the larger sizes. I've written to them about it. Let's see what they answer. I also asked them if they were planning to make a store in a more central location.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Bitten by Sarah Jessica

I don't know if you all know this about me, but I'm a HUGE Sarah Jessica Parker fan. Did any of you see her on Oprah talking about her new fashion line, Bitten? It's also showcased in the July issue of O Magazine. I can't wait to check it out this weekend. I'm going to make the drive out to Almeda Mall to Steve & Barry's, the store that is carrying this line. I'll give you all my review on it when I do.

Monday, June 11, 2007

The Beach

I forget how much I love the beach until I'm there.

I love the feel of the sand under my feet as I stand in the water.

I love the rush of the waves as they crash into my legs, the white foam passing by me, and thinning out as it reaches the shore.

I love the feeling of my 3 year old son in my arms, squealing in delight as I tell him, "Jump!" each time a wave comes towards us.

I love watching my daughter throwing herself onto the waves with such reckless abandon and so full of energy and life.

Her peals of laughter carry in the wind over my head and her hair is long and wet and it sticks to her cheeks and her mouth when a wave crashes into her. Beautiful...

Why did I stop going to the beach for so long? Unfortunately we're not going to the beach house next weekend. It's too much for my mother-in-law. This weekend, then next, and then San Antonio the following weekend for her. I told her to reserve it for late July or early August. We'll take the kids for a long weekend. Maybe the weekend of my cousin's wedding... We'll see.

We had a wonderful time at my daughter's end of school party. She received some nice gifts from her friends, grandparents, and cousins. She was happy and exhausted. We were happy with her.

I need to take them to the beach more this summer. Surfside was really nice.

Friday, June 08, 2007


Originally submitted at UncommonGoods

With these brushed steel tampon cases, spilling your purse's contents won't reveal your personal life. Be discreet and stylish with these downright glamorous cases. The gleaming brushed steel finish makes the perfect backdrop for the saluting Flight Girl, the smiling Cowgirl, or the sassy Bathing...

The Best Invention Ever

By Shoegirl1970 from Houston, TX on 6/8/2007

5out of 5

Pros: Convenient, Discreet

Cons: NONE

Best Uses: Daily Use

I can not believe that an item like this wasn't invented long ago. I LOVE the tampon holder and find it so convenient and discreet to use anywhere. Every friend who has ever seen it has loved it and wants to get one for herself too.


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Quick Update on Life

Having a end of school/kindergarten graduation party for my daughter at the BEACH this Sunday! At Surfside. That should be a lot of fun. Lots of families with kids.

My in-laws are renting a house at the beach (Galveston) the following weekend so that will be a nice little "mini-vacation" for the kids. Can we guess I will be very dark in a couple of weeks? I will do the whole anti-cancer stuff but inevitably I am going to get some form of a tan.

I still need to plan a proper 4-5 day vacation for the kids maybe in July? Not sure when... Or a long weekend to San Antonio to visit the great-grandparents. I never had grandparents, let alone great grandparents so I really need to take them to visit the viejitos, who are actually my dad's age.

Check out the super cool Latino pop culture blog My lovely cousin, Cindy Casares is the Editor of this really hip new blog. Check it out! It's pretty hilarious!