Saturday, June 21, 2014

World Cup Fever! Go USA!

The last World Cup USA vs Ghana game was during the week so we didn't get to enjoy it like we should have. I was working that day so I only caught the tail end of the game. The best part though was that I started watching it right when USA scored the second winning goal. Even my 90 year old dad sat down to watch this game and was impressed with that awesome play.

The next game, USA vs Portugal is tomorrow and this time we're ready! We are getting the house ready for a World Cup watching party! Since World Cup only comes around every 4 years the kids were younger last time and they didn't really get into the excitement or keep up with the games like they are this year. At thirteen and ten they definitely have team spirit!

What are you doing for World Cup? Share your family traditions or what you are doing to make this World Cup experience special.

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