Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Some People are Deranged and Evil

Yesterday my sister calls me around 7:30 p.m. and tells me that a deputy called her to say that my dad was being taken to the hospital because a man had beat him. Those of you who have followed stories about my dad know that he's 84. No age is a good one to get your butt kicked severely, but 84 is an even worse age.

This is what happened according to my dad. He was early to his bible study so he asked his friend to drop him off at a little restaurant across the freeway. When he was ready for his meeting he started walking across and under an underpass. When he came up on the other side he was jumped from behind by a deranged man. The man pushed him to the ground and started to kick him all over. He beat him terribly. He punched him and slapped him repeatedly on the left side of the face and all over his body. By just a miracle he didn't kill my father.

My dad said that the man was yelling politician's names at him and he would pull away and scream things at the cars passing by and then would come back and he would beat my father some more. Somewhere in there my dad managed to stand up, but the man pushed him to the ground again and my dad hit his hip on the curb. He thinks he either broke his leg then or when the man was kicking him. He broke the top part of his femur bone that connects to his hip.

A couple of cars stopped and someone called the police. A sheriff's deputy was there pretty quickly and they got there in time to catch the guy and arrest him. Then the guy had the audacity to try to act like he hadn't done anything. The police didn't buy his story. I'm sure enough people had already called 911 and they had all the evidence and witnesses that they needed.

The ambulance took my dad to LBJ Hospital first because it was considered trauma. In addition to being 84, my dad also has a pace maker. That's where they did the cat scans and x-rays. He was at LBJ overnight and today they transferred him to the Veteran's Hospital, which was what my father preferred from the beginning. My father always goes to the Veteran's Hospital for everything so they have all of his records.

Now he's there and they did the x-rays again. He will most likely have surgery for hip replacement, or partial hip replacement, on Friday. The whole left side of his face and his head are purple. His left ear is huge and purple.

There you have it. Our first goal is to make sure that he's better, but my second goal is to find the police report on my dad's attack and to follow up on that. I want to make sure that we are pressing charges against that sick sick person so that he doesn't do the same thing to someone else. Some people are either deranged or very ill mentally. We need to make sure he's taken care of either way.


Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Holy crap, chica!

Your poor father! I'm sending him and your family thoughts of love and healing. And I'm sending th deranged man thoughts of clarity although he probably won't want it when he realizes the horror he's inflicted on anther person. Your father is lucky to be alive.

Momma Trish said...

OMG!! He must be mentally ill. I can't see how else he could have done something like this.

Thoughts and prayers for you, your father and your family.

Rhea said...

Good lord. How scary! Your poor, poor dad! I can't believe this happened to him. Such random violence scares me.

Sayre said...

Thank goodness people stopped and called the police. If it weren't for them, your dad mignt not have survived at all. It seems that no where is safe anymore, which is a sad, sad legacy to pass on to the next generation - or the previous one.

Kim said...

Prayers going up for your dad right now. I'm so sorry this happened to him!

Lucy Filet said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your father and family.

What a horrible thing to happen!

Hannah said...

Oh my goodness! I know you don't know me, but I just found your blog. Please tell your father that loads of people he doesn't know are thinking about him! That should either creep him out, or be totally comforting.

My prayers are with him. Also, I know a guy named Vinnie. You know, in case the whole "legal" thing doesnt work out for you ;)

ShoeGirl Corner said...

Thank you to all for all your sweet comments!