Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Things I learned in NY

  1. Always have my writer business cards with me (I ended up at a writer's reading and after- reading drinks with no cards.)
  2. Tongue eaten here, and not just by Mexicans
  3. Kasha potato
  4. Katz deli is old
  5. My Blackberry has a bunch of cool music Rey put in it, unbeknown to me.
  6. Path train to Jersey City
  7. Goes to Hoboken weekends
  8. MoMa has a lot of great art
  9. A lot of ipods and reading, But no one sways to the music
  10. The Jersey City Assembly Hall is the most beautiful
  11. The Hyatt in JC on the Hudson is beautiful and probably cheaper
  12. The Colgate Clock in JC is the largest in the U.S., but doesn't work
  13. I threw up at the clock
  14. St Paul's chapel next to the World Trade Center is pretty cool, but creepy according to Rey
  15. My cute Loeffler Randall shoes suck for walking
  16. I have bad ankles
  17. The train from NY to Newark does not come every 15 min-Plan on 20-30 min.

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