Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Daughter, the Writer

Upon hearing that I was working on a new novel this morning my daughter promptly sat down to write her own book. Then my son started making art. I love them! They are so my children.

My sister called and asked what I was doing. I told her. "What happened to your first book?" she asked.

"I still have it but it's time for me to start a new one," I answer.

I guess people assume I will keep trying to get this one published before I move on to another project. But how many authors end up selling their second or third book first? A lot I'm sure. So that's what I'm doing. I'm moving on to Book #2.

I'll still revisit Book #1 and I may try sending it out too. I need to try some small presses. For now it's Book #2. It's actually a collaboration with my husband so it will be an interesting project.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Starting a New Novel

I am starting a new novel this weekend. Yes, that's what I said. I have been talking about this novel for a while and it's never going to get written with me just talking about it. I'm getting busy this weekend with my outline and character sketches. Wish me well!

I'm doing this while looking after my dad, because my sister went out of town, buying groceries, and buying the kids new shoes. I can do it!

My kids' long weekend is about to be up and they are going back to school on Monday. Poor kids! I guess since I worked Wednesday and today I didn't feel it as bad.

My cousins from Brownsville, Austin, LA, NYC and Houston all got together at my cousin's restaurant today. It was nice to see them all together at one time. It was nice for my father to get out and see all of them too.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Latest in My Life

Literary Mama

I submitted an essay in response to a great essay to Literary Mama as a writing prompt but alas I wasn't chosen. However if you want to read the one I submitted you can read it at skirt!


I've discovered a new restaurant that I really like. I just wish I could eat more to enjoy more things on the menu. I've only had a few things so far. I finally got back and tried the cocktails last night. Very yummy! Check out my reviews on skirt! There are two, the one about the restaurant and the one about the drinks.


Dad is getting better but he wants to go home now. He isn't happy at my sister's house and he doesn't want to come stay with me either. My other sister told him point blank that he has no choice until he's better. He wasn't happy. Poor Daddy, but we can't risk him falling by himself at his house and not being able to call anyone to come help him.


I forgot to blog about how the other morning he was about to brush his teeth and wash his face and he was holding a little Hot Wheels car in his hand. He looked around the sink at all the wet area and he couldn't figure out where to put his car. I was standing next to him in my bra and panties.

So he looks over at my boobs in his face and says, "Can I just put this right here?" pointing at my cleveage.

"Uh no," I answered and of course I cracked up. He's too much!


Oh goodness! Paybacks are Heck! She is seven years old and she's already a big ol' Miss Know It All. I get very frustrated with her, especially when helping her with homework. It takes all that I have not to lose it with her and sometimes I do and I tell her I'm just not going to help her since she already knows all the answers. I know that sounds really immature of me, but I really need to find the patience to deal with someone just like me. LOL!

Me and Technology

Technology hates me. My sister's answering machine never answers for me when I call her house. I can call from different phones and that answering machine always knows it's me. I do not lie. It answers for everyone else, but not for me. It even answered for my husband when he called her back from his phone.

I accidentally put Caller Tunes on my cell phone and you would have thought for the past two days that I was in high school. First some awful song was playing and when I couldn't delete it I went ahead and chose a song that I liked at least, Pretty in Pink by the Psychedelic Furs. Caller Tunes is that feature that most phones have for callers who are calling in. Instead of hearing the traditional ring your callers will hear a song of your choice. I tried to delete it to no avail. I even went online and followed the instructions on TMobile. Finally I gave in and called them. The woman who answered had a great sense of humor. She thought it was hilarious. She removed it immediately for me.

So basically technology hates me. I'm going to finish cleaning my house now.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Latin Grammy After Party

Too bad you can't see this better. It was taken with my Blackberry. This is me at the Latin Grammy After Party. You can't see my dress. It's a black sleeveless dress with a short black sweater. That's a Hennesy bar behind me. And FYI Belvedere Vodka is gooood!

Gwendolyn Zepeda's in Latina Magazine!

Pick up the latest issue of Latina Magazine (December) and check out the essay written by Houston writer Gwendolyn Zepeda. (No relation that I know of. Zepeda is my mom's maiden name)

Gwen's essay is about her father and his ideas about women cooking. It is a very touching account about their differences and how she has dealt with it. I know I could relate to her story like many of us can.

So check it out. Pick up a copy next time you're in the grocery store. I got mine at Kroger. You can read a better review at

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lost Blackberry Pictures

OK This one wasn't lost. I tooks this picture of my dad in his hospital bed reading his Houston Chronicle. He has to have his daily fix. This was taken a few days before his surgery 2 1/2 weeks ago.

The historical Lowe's Theater in Jersey City. This is from my visit to NYC in October.

San Diego, CA. Right below the condo where my niece and nephew used to live.

A beautiful cloud that I saw right after getting my Blackberry. I took this picture while sitting at a light. It took my breath away.

The bald eagle at the Houston Zoo.

Me and Samuel Jackson 40 lbs ago. That's actually his wax twin at Madame Tussaid's in NYC. This one was taken by Rey with his Dash.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Shoegirl Bowl

My co-worker/girlfriend found this bowl! Can you believe it? It's holding my business cards on my desk now. I googled it and I found the artist and I ordered the print too.

My Kids & My Dad

Me: Where did we park? 12 or 13?
Daughter: You mean I2 or I3?
Me: NO! 12 or 13!
Daughter: Mommy! If that's J1 & J2 then that has to be I2 and I3!! (Parking Areas at my dad's hospital)
Me: Oh, yeah, you're right....
Darn! Why does she have to be so smart and analytical? She's only seven!

Daughter: You don't know what's going on in my head.
Son: I know what's in your head.
Daughter: What?
Son: A maniac!

OK. He's only four and he has great comedic timing. Not only are my kids smarter than me, they are also funnier.

My dad in referring to the guy who jumped him and beat him.
"He jumped on me like a lion running and pouncing on his prey!"
Even in these dark circumstances my father does not fail to provide the great imagery. He is too funny! I know! It was sad but at least my dad can be funny about it too. What else is there left to do?

Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Latest & Weird Stuff I Notice

I have a lot going on. First my dad. He's getting better slowly but surely, but he sound so tired. It worries me a little. He's on the geriatric therapy floor now. If you know him please give him a call just to say hi. He loves that!

Latin Grammys
OK. My BIG News! I am going to be participating in the Latin Grammy events in this week in some way or another. The Latin Grammy Awards will be held in Houston on Thursday, November 13 if you didn't know. NO, I'm not going to the actual Latin Grammys, but I'm going to be doing something related to all the festivities. So I've joined Twitter finally. I'm not going to have an open profile on a regular basis, except for on the days that I'm Twittering at the Latin Grammy events.

Lap Band Included
One of my sisters was visiting from California last week and I told her that I'm an organ donor. I showed her my organ donor card. She was all, "I didn't know JWs could donate or take organs!" and I was all, "Ever since bloodless surgery baby!"

Then I told her, "Hey I should add a line to my card that says, Lap Band included." Yeah, it occurred to me that whoever gets my stomach should totally need a lap band so they can get some use out of it too. LOL! We had a good laugh over that one.

Tiger Parts not Included
Rey bought some Tiger Balm when he had back pain and the packaging actually has a line that says, "No tiger parts were used to make this product." No lie! I almost died of laughter.

There are weird things out there. You just have to keep your eyes open.

AFRICA IS One of the Seven Continents Last Time I Checked
As many of you know, I'm politically neutral and I haven't said much about this election. HOWEVER, I must comment on one of the latest leaks that came out after the election about Sarah Palin and how she didn't know that AFRICA was a continent and she kept referring to it as a country. TOO HILARIOUS!! How does this happen? How do people with such terrible educations and IQs (think Quayle's gaffes and George Bush Jr was a C student) rise to such high political power?

I'm just saying! I just have a thing for people who don't know their basic geography. Like the seven continents and stuff. That's pretty basic. Like right up there with where is the equator.

skirt! News
OK. I'm done venting crazy stuff to all of you. I'll have a book announcement over at skirt! magazine if you want to follow me there.

Speaking of skirt! I will hopefully be doing more writing on the local page! That's another one of my latest news. How I will find the time, don't ask me? But I figure that if I'm already going to be doing something (like a Latin Grammy event) then I can write about it and if they need it for the local page they can use it.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

I Was Tortured Mercilessly This Week

Okay, all I did was go to the dentist, but I swear I felt like I was going to die after an hour and half of having my mouth open. At some points my dentist would prop my mouth open with some black rubber door jam.

I was talking smack recently to two of my sisters telling them I've never needed a crown. Right after that I went to the dentist and found out that I needed one. Yeah, great!

The same day I was scheduled to go in for the crown, or the temporary one until my real one comes in, I woke up feeling sick. I had to go by my doctor first for a quick check-up and a prescription. While I was there I got my flu shot.

When I picked up my daughter after school I told her I'd had two shots in one day. One in my arm and another one in my mouth. Wow! I forgot how much those hurt. And apparently I also forgot what it's like to have major dental work done.

The whole time the dentist was drilling I swear I was picturing him sawing my molar down. It wasn't a nice mental picture.

Then he would prop my mouth open with a rubber door jam. I am not lying! It was just like one of those door jams the cleaning people put down on the restroom door to prop it open while they are cleaning. Except this one fit into my teeth and held my mouth open.

I was told by the dentist and his assistant that I have very muscular cheeks and a strong tongue. I guess all that talking has given my face and tongue a good work out. At least one part of my body is fit! Ha!

I have a whole lot of other weird things to tell all of you, but I will have to save them for another day. I always have weird things to say, and some things are too weird to write on here, so if you know me personally remind me to tell you later.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

No Tiene Chiste!

One sister called my dad's room and talked to my other sister. The second sister told her that my dad had asked for a walker. My one sister asked if they had taught him how to use it. My dad's reply? "Es una walker. No tiene chiste! No mas caminas." (meaning, "There's nothing to it! You just walk.")

My father's attitude after this whole ordeal is that he has to get down to the business of getting better. He told the doctor today that he needs to start his therapy. He's very matter-of-fact about it. He had surgery on Monday!

The day after surgery my father was sitting up, eating, talking and reading the newspaper. The geriatric therapy doctor came by and said he did not expect for my father to be up and talking. He said most of his patients would still be asleep. Not my father. The doctor had just stopped by with three students to check in on my doctor but he was shocked at what he found.

They did stand him up once that first day, but they found his blood pressure was too low, so they made him go through some tests since he has a pace maker.

Two days after surgery they stood him up again and then later that same day he walked to the restroom while holding on to his wheelchair. Amazing! I know!

Thursday he walked around a little with his wheelchair.

Today, he walked even more and they brought him a walker. He told them that he needed to get his therapy started. He walked around today.

Tonight I went to visit him and he was sitting in his recliner with his leg propped up and talking. Ten minutes before I had to leave he decided he wanted to walk a little. He walked to the waiting room with his handy dandy walker and visited with my kids for a little while.

Like he said, "No tiene chiste!" I sure hope I have that attitude at his age.