Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Latest in My Life

Literary Mama

I submitted an essay in response to a great essay to Literary Mama as a writing prompt but alas I wasn't chosen. However if you want to read the one I submitted you can read it at skirt!


I've discovered a new restaurant that I really like. I just wish I could eat more to enjoy more things on the menu. I've only had a few things so far. I finally got back and tried the cocktails last night. Very yummy! Check out my reviews on skirt! There are two, the one about the restaurant and the one about the drinks.


Dad is getting better but he wants to go home now. He isn't happy at my sister's house and he doesn't want to come stay with me either. My other sister told him point blank that he has no choice until he's better. He wasn't happy. Poor Daddy, but we can't risk him falling by himself at his house and not being able to call anyone to come help him.


I forgot to blog about how the other morning he was about to brush his teeth and wash his face and he was holding a little Hot Wheels car in his hand. He looked around the sink at all the wet area and he couldn't figure out where to put his car. I was standing next to him in my bra and panties.

So he looks over at my boobs in his face and says, "Can I just put this right here?" pointing at my cleveage.

"Uh no," I answered and of course I cracked up. He's too much!


Oh goodness! Paybacks are Heck! She is seven years old and she's already a big ol' Miss Know It All. I get very frustrated with her, especially when helping her with homework. It takes all that I have not to lose it with her and sometimes I do and I tell her I'm just not going to help her since she already knows all the answers. I know that sounds really immature of me, but I really need to find the patience to deal with someone just like me. LOL!

Me and Technology

Technology hates me. My sister's answering machine never answers for me when I call her house. I can call from different phones and that answering machine always knows it's me. I do not lie. It answers for everyone else, but not for me. It even answered for my husband when he called her back from his phone.

I accidentally put Caller Tunes on my cell phone and you would have thought for the past two days that I was in high school. First some awful song was playing and when I couldn't delete it I went ahead and chose a song that I liked at least, Pretty in Pink by the Psychedelic Furs. Caller Tunes is that feature that most phones have for callers who are calling in. Instead of hearing the traditional ring your callers will hear a song of your choice. I tried to delete it to no avail. I even went online and followed the instructions on TMobile. Finally I gave in and called them. The woman who answered had a great sense of humor. She thought it was hilarious. She removed it immediately for me.

So basically technology hates me. I'm going to finish cleaning my house now.

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Jenny, the Bloggess said...

I love your son.