Saturday, November 01, 2008

No Tiene Chiste!

One sister called my dad's room and talked to my other sister. The second sister told her that my dad had asked for a walker. My one sister asked if they had taught him how to use it. My dad's reply? "Es una walker. No tiene chiste! No mas caminas." (meaning, "There's nothing to it! You just walk.")

My father's attitude after this whole ordeal is that he has to get down to the business of getting better. He told the doctor today that he needs to start his therapy. He's very matter-of-fact about it. He had surgery on Monday!

The day after surgery my father was sitting up, eating, talking and reading the newspaper. The geriatric therapy doctor came by and said he did not expect for my father to be up and talking. He said most of his patients would still be asleep. Not my father. The doctor had just stopped by with three students to check in on my doctor but he was shocked at what he found.

They did stand him up once that first day, but they found his blood pressure was too low, so they made him go through some tests since he has a pace maker.

Two days after surgery they stood him up again and then later that same day he walked to the restroom while holding on to his wheelchair. Amazing! I know!

Thursday he walked around a little with his wheelchair.

Today, he walked even more and they brought him a walker. He told them that he needed to get his therapy started. He walked around today.

Tonight I went to visit him and he was sitting in his recliner with his leg propped up and talking. Ten minutes before I had to leave he decided he wanted to walk a little. He walked to the waiting room with his handy dandy walker and visited with my kids for a little while.

Like he said, "No tiene chiste!" I sure hope I have that attitude at his age.


Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Your dad is freaking amazing.

No Tiene Chiste!

Moose said...

I know you will be just as strong as your dad.

I am glad to hear he is doing great.

BagLady said...

Gosh!!!! I'm so jealous of you both! My attitude sucks and i walk just fine! Mas triste!
I'm glad he's doing great!