Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Latest & Weird Stuff I Notice

I have a lot going on. First my dad. He's getting better slowly but surely, but he sound so tired. It worries me a little. He's on the geriatric therapy floor now. If you know him please give him a call just to say hi. He loves that!

Latin Grammys
OK. My BIG News! I am going to be participating in the Latin Grammy events in this week in some way or another. The Latin Grammy Awards will be held in Houston on Thursday, November 13 if you didn't know. NO, I'm not going to the actual Latin Grammys, but I'm going to be doing something related to all the festivities. So I've joined Twitter finally. I'm not going to have an open profile on a regular basis, except for on the days that I'm Twittering at the Latin Grammy events.

Lap Band Included
One of my sisters was visiting from California last week and I told her that I'm an organ donor. I showed her my organ donor card. She was all, "I didn't know JWs could donate or take organs!" and I was all, "Ever since bloodless surgery baby!"

Then I told her, "Hey I should add a line to my card that says, Lap Band included." Yeah, it occurred to me that whoever gets my stomach should totally need a lap band so they can get some use out of it too. LOL! We had a good laugh over that one.

Tiger Parts not Included
Rey bought some Tiger Balm when he had back pain and the packaging actually has a line that says, "No tiger parts were used to make this product." No lie! I almost died of laughter.

There are weird things out there. You just have to keep your eyes open.

AFRICA IS One of the Seven Continents Last Time I Checked
As many of you know, I'm politically neutral and I haven't said much about this election. HOWEVER, I must comment on one of the latest leaks that came out after the election about Sarah Palin and how she didn't know that AFRICA was a continent and she kept referring to it as a country. TOO HILARIOUS!! How does this happen? How do people with such terrible educations and IQs (think Quayle's gaffes and George Bush Jr was a C student) rise to such high political power?

I'm just saying! I just have a thing for people who don't know their basic geography. Like the seven continents and stuff. That's pretty basic. Like right up there with where is the equator.

skirt! News
OK. I'm done venting crazy stuff to all of you. I'll have a book announcement over at skirt! magazine if you want to follow me there.

Speaking of skirt! I will hopefully be doing more writing on the local page! That's another one of my latest news. How I will find the time, don't ask me? But I figure that if I'm already going to be doing something (like a Latin Grammy event) then I can write about it and if they need it for the local page they can use it.

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Suvii said...

Hope your daddy continues on the upswing to recovery! I am blogging again and trying to catch up on my favorite blogs, so I am happy to catch up with your happenings again!