Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Kids & My Dad

Me: Where did we park? 12 or 13?
Daughter: You mean I2 or I3?
Me: NO! 12 or 13!
Daughter: Mommy! If that's J1 & J2 then that has to be I2 and I3!! (Parking Areas at my dad's hospital)
Me: Oh, yeah, you're right....
Darn! Why does she have to be so smart and analytical? She's only seven!

Daughter: You don't know what's going on in my head.
Son: I know what's in your head.
Daughter: What?
Son: A maniac!

OK. He's only four and he has great comedic timing. Not only are my kids smarter than me, they are also funnier.

My dad in referring to the guy who jumped him and beat him.
"He jumped on me like a lion running and pouncing on his prey!"
Even in these dark circumstances my father does not fail to provide the great imagery. He is too funny! I know! It was sad but at least my dad can be funny about it too. What else is there left to do?


Run_13.1 said...

The kids are hilarious. Seth is too cute! My son is like that. Makes life much more joyous. (except my son doesn't know when to give it a rest and sometimes goes overboard!)

Moose said...

Your son cracks me up! "A maniac!"

I will remember that.