Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Coming Out of Hiatus OH MY! Can I Pull This Off??

When I told my husband that I was going on hiatus on my Shoegirl Corner blog he didn't agree.

"Shoegirl Corner is the blog that you've built up," he argued.

"I know," I replied, "But there is no possible way I can keep up three blogs!"

Last November I agreed to start a weight loss blog and I thought that there was no way I could pull off three blogs. In addition to this blog that I've had for almost six years now I also blog for skirt! magazine.

I've continued to blog on Hips 'n Salsa and skirt! and I haven't been very successful at it. Sure, I still blog but it's not this blog, it doesn't really feel like home. So I struggle through blogging at least once a week on each of those. The truth is, I miss Shoegirl Corner. This is where I got started on this crazy blogging adventure.

A couple of days ago I went on Sitemeter to check my visits and I laughed at the stats. I can't believe that this blog still gets way more visits than Hips 'n Salsa. Just today I've had 27 visits and I've had 190 this week. Compared to Hips 'n Salsa who just received 5 visits and 28 so far this week. It makes me feel like I've been neglecting an old faithful friend.

When I told my husband he said, "See!" and he went on to remind me that Shoegirl Corner is a name that I've built up for myself. I am Shoegirl. Forget that Irish girl with the same name that blogs somewhere in Ireland.

Then today my husband makes an announcement.

"I'm starting my own blog. It's called, 'You Should Blog About This.'"

What?? Yes, the man is blogging about all the things he swears he's told me I should blog about and I supposedly haven't blogged about them. In addition to that he plans on commenting on all the blogs that I post. Hmm?? We will see about that.

I challenge him to keep a blog going even longer than a month with consistent blogging at least twice a week. If he can do this I will keep Shoegirl Corner alive for him to comment on all he wants, both offline and online. Yes, I will keep up all THREE blogs to his one.

Will he rise to the challenge? We shall see!