Friday, February 15, 2008

Check out my second post!

Updated 8/7/18

More than 10 years later I'm insanely curious as to why people come to this blog post so much. It's my second highest read post after Nike Quotes. The only guess I have is that the label I attached was "skirt magazine." YTD since I started using Google Analytics I now have 13,968 views to this page. Stay a while! Read my other latest posts and follow me on Twitter. Shoegirl1970

Updated on 10/14/17, almost 9 years later.

I find it so interesting that I have so many visits to this post. According to Google Analytics, I have had 4,658 page views in the history of the blog and 53 so far this month.  Why? It's such a short little paragraph referring readers to a blog entry from skirt! magazine that doesn't even exist any more.

They used to have a blogging community of mostly women but they did away with it and took down all our blogs. It would have been nice if they had at least archived them for us somewhere.

The funny this is I don't even remember the blog I'm referencing here. It must not have been a very memorable one. But what key words do people search for that takes them to this blog entry? And how am I about to skew those numbers by adding this updated introduction?

If people continue coming in through this page please stay and read some of my updated material.

Original Post from 12/15/08

Today when I read over my first blog entry on I thought it sounded kinda stiff and formal. I posted my second blog entry today. I hope I sound a little more relaxed! Check it out and tell me what you think.

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