Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm Official Now

The editor of skirt! Houston sent out a lovely introduction today via e-mail.

I wish you could see the whole thing with the pretty background art. But here is part of what she said. Check it out!!

"On that note, there is a new writer joining me on the skirt! blogging front!

Please welcome Shoegirl1970's! Loida Casares Ruiz grew up in Northeast Houston, has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, a Masters in Communication, has written a novel, appeared on Radio Pacifica, published short stories for The Houston Institute for Culture and has read her work at the local literary group, Nuestra Palabra; Latinos Having Their Say. Not to mention, she balances all of this with a full time career and her role as a wife and mother.

Ruiz draws upon her family's history and experiences in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, and in Houston. Her compelling narratives capture the tradition of oral history through the types of accounts and yarns that are passed down to generations. She focuses on ways people relate, and on moments of epiphany. ~ The Houston Institute for Culture
So, while you are signing up for that new skirt! account, drop a line to welcome Shoegirl1970's!"

All My Best,
Dusty Gilbert Editor
skirt! Magazine

Isn't that the sweetest introduction??? Awww.. I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Kisses!!

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Moose said...

Yay for Shoegirl!