Sunday, February 03, 2008

Writing & Talking

I am not one of those quiet introspective writers who have little to say, because they are so intellectual and full of their own thoughts. But you probably already guessed that.

I’m one of those persons that is constantly filled with thoughts and constantly feels compelled to tell someone those thoughts.

As many of you who know me in person know, I talk A LOT! Well you probably already guessed that there’s a direct correlation between my writing and my talking. I have thoughts and dialogue going on inside my head all day.

Writing is an outlet for all of those thoughts jumbling inside my head. Thus the reason why you will sometimes find three or four blog entries in one day.

Okay, I just had to say that before I start to fold the gargantuan pile of clothes on my sofa at 10:30 at night. Today was laundry day. That was just a thought I had to get down as I procrastinate starting the huge task before me.

1 comment:

Moose said...

You are lucky that you can write them down... unlike me... when I try to... I see nothing but jumbled words. It's crazy man!