Sunday, February 24, 2008

Recent Cute Finds

Super Cute Avon bag I got free for ordering this package of goodies. I went with the cool shades because I wanted the Eggplant eyeliner. I can't remember if it said that the bag was a make-up bag or a regular purse. I'm going to use it as a purse this Spring. Too cute! My step-daughter is selling Avon now and I ordered it from her. I added her to my links on my page here. She has a website and even though she’s in Louisiana, I can order from her and it will ship to me, and she gets the credit. Talk about a win-win situation!
I also want to buy this gorgeous Mark bag, also from Avon. I can’t decide between the beige and the white one because I already have a beige purse, but I don’t own any off white shoes this shade. Decisions, decisions!!

Super Cute Fortune Cookie Soaps from Bath Junkie on West Grey. I bought six in six different scents. They came complete with a Chinese food box and chopsticks!


Coco said...

It is easier...
but I still have my moments.
Gracias por tus palabras de aliento.
Gracias por el cariƱo.

I think that first purse is super CUTE!!

Step-Daughter that sells Avon?! She surely must be a "teen"!

Un fuerte y caluroso abrazo.

hope you and your family are all doing well (including your dad!)

Moose said...

I like the Fortune Cookie Soaps. Really cute!