Sunday, February 24, 2008

Not So Overwhelmed Now

Okay, I'm better now. I got over that overwhelmed feeling and just did what I could. I still need to do laundry today, but at least I feel better than I did yesterday.

Besides, it's a beautiful day in Houston today! The weather is perfect and the kids are outside playing and enjoying this beautiful day. That makes me feel better. I felt like I kept them cooped up in the house all day yesterday and I felt a little guilty about that. They are out there playing with my girlfriend’s little girls right now. Their aunt, also my friend, dropped them off to play so they could go to the grocery store.

Today I feel calmer and I will do what I can with the laundry and I need to clean my floors too. If there's more time I will do more. If there isn't, I'm not going to stress either.

We're going to my cousin's baby shower later, so that's why I will do what I can between now and the time the kids need to have baths to get dressed. They deserve to go to a little party to see their cousins and to dance, after staying inside all day yesterday.

The amazing thing about doing all this work in the house is that tomorrow I have to go to work and I have to work there too. Granted, it’s a different kind of work, but it’s work none-the-less.

I hope my husband isn’t too exhausted when he comes home. He’s been volunteering all weekend with the roofing of our kingdom hall. He came home exhausted yesterday and his lower back was killing him. But he also felt really good to be a part of a project like this one. That’s the thing about volunteering. No matter how tired it makes you, you are also filled with a great feeling about your work, and that makes it well worth it.

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