Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday & SJP

It's Super Bowl Sunday. I'm only half watching the commercials and of course not the game. I'm not into football. There I said it!

I actually bought another magazine that wasn't O. (skirt! doesn't count because it's free in racks around town) I picked up the February issue of Allure because "my girl" is on the cover. And by "my girl" I'm referring to Sarah Jessica Parker. It's a very nice interview with her. And now that I'm losing weight I'm looking forward to fitting into her Bitten line. I reported a while back that even though she does carry plus sizes all her clothes run smaller than department store sizes. I read somewhere that her sizes are true couture sizes.

I'm not really some crazy stalker-like fan, BUT I must admit I really like the smell of her perfume "Lovely." I'm yet to get a bottle though. And I understand that she's about to launch a second fragrance called "Covet."

Another interesting little tid bit. I didn't know that Manolo Blahnik created a shoe just for her for the movie. Beautiful shoe and I like the dress too. I don't know about that crazy feather handbag though.

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Moose said...

Not a stalker huh? (hehehe)