Sunday, February 10, 2008

Feeling Melancholy

I am feeling very overwhelmed at this moment. I feel like I have a million things to remember and so little time... I forgot that my daughter needs to learn a song or poem by Tuesday. It's Sunday night and it’s fast approaching midnight. My daughter is asleep now so she only has tomorrow to learn something she had all weekend to learn, had I remembered. We haven't done our income tax and we have all the paperwork we need. There’s more but I don’t even feel like writing out my TO DO list here.

Today I had dinner with my dad. I needed to do that. I hadn't done so in a while, even though I've seen him and he's been over the house.

One of my sisters came by to meet us and have a coffee with us. My dad had just finished telling me that a good friend of my mother's had died suddenly from cancer. My sister shared the same news, but also told us that the funeral talk was tonight. It was too late, I was wearing jeans, or I would have gone.

I felt really sad in way because I only spoke to her daughter recently and she told me her parents now lived in a retirement home nearby in the Heights. I said I wanted to go by to say hello but I never did.

It reminded me of something my mother always said. She said that we should visit people when they were alive and not when they were dead. I felt bad that I never went by to say hello to my mother's friend.

I must be feeling all over melancholy. Hearing that news and thinking about my mom and her friend made me sad too. I remembered how they used to love to sit and talk and have a beer together. I guess I shouldn’t really feel sad. I should picture them just like that. Laughing and talking over an Avon book and having a drink.

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Coco said...

hold on to those wonderful and beautiful memories!!
your mother, her friend, and a beer! : ) happy memories!

un fuerte y caluroso abrazo.