Thursday, October 30, 2008

Crazy Life & A Cocktail

I bought napkins with this Anne Taintor quote on them at one of my favorite little boutiques, Neal's Cheezy Co. on 7515 Main, #180. Let me tell you why I needed them.

Yesterday these things happened to me in this order.

I had to wake up really early to take both kids to school and make it to a sales meeting downtown. So I was prepared and I made my shake night before. All I had to do was blend it with ice the next morning. Instead,

  • I knocked over the blender and had shake all over my kitchen floor.

  • There was a dead mosquito in my coffee when my I walked to my truck.

  • My daughter realized she'd forgotten to put her skort on over her leggings when we were already exiting to my son's school. This would have made me late but thank goodness my sister doesn't work on Wednesdays so I dropped there there so she could take her to pick up her skort.

  • I received a call from my son's school and I had to go pick him up. I called the same sister to see if I could drop him there. I had a 12 p.m. appointment.

Yeah, my life is too exciting. I was exhausted by the time I finished work, made dinner, visited my dad, bought groceries and came home to put them all up and take a shower.

I was reminded of a book that colleague told me about. "Soy mujer, soy invencible ¡y estoy exhausta!" (I’m a Woman, I’m Invincible, and I’m Exhausted) I need to read this book.

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Moose said...

I feel exhausted now after reading your post and my day is about to begin.

Girl, you are just too busy.