Monday, June 11, 2007

The Beach

I forget how much I love the beach until I'm there.

I love the feel of the sand under my feet as I stand in the water.

I love the rush of the waves as they crash into my legs, the white foam passing by me, and thinning out as it reaches the shore.

I love the feeling of my 3 year old son in my arms, squealing in delight as I tell him, "Jump!" each time a wave comes towards us.

I love watching my daughter throwing herself onto the waves with such reckless abandon and so full of energy and life.

Her peals of laughter carry in the wind over my head and her hair is long and wet and it sticks to her cheeks and her mouth when a wave crashes into her. Beautiful...

Why did I stop going to the beach for so long? Unfortunately we're not going to the beach house next weekend. It's too much for my mother-in-law. This weekend, then next, and then San Antonio the following weekend for her. I told her to reserve it for late July or early August. We'll take the kids for a long weekend. Maybe the weekend of my cousin's wedding... We'll see.

We had a wonderful time at my daughter's end of school party. She received some nice gifts from her friends, grandparents, and cousins. She was happy and exhausted. We were happy with her.

I need to take them to the beach more this summer. Surfside was really nice.


Suvii said...

What a sweet post! It sounds like you and the children are really enjoying your summer thus far! Stay happy! : )

Coco said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time with your little ones : )

Continue to enjoy summer vacation!

And yes, I did check out And yes, I found it funny too : ) Thank you for the link : )