Saturday, June 09, 2012

"With Your feet in the Air and your Head on the Ground"

Today is the first day of my one week of strange freedom and I am doing nothing, absolutly nothing. And it feels good... After the crazy last week of school, dance recital last weekend, and struggling to find sitters each day last week I must confess it's a nice break.

I call it strange freedom because it is strange to not have your kids at home with you when you are used to having them. Yeah sure, they go away to their dad's every other weekend but this is different. They are gone for a week and I won't see them again until next Friday.

Instead of jumping on the first day and doing all kinds of things I want to do I'm just relaxing and thinking about what I want to get done. I figure I have five more days to do everything. Today is going to be about relaxing, taking my time, and planning the rest of my week. It's such a strange feeling to have all this free time. I don't even know what to start on first.
  • Cleaning the kids room. Really cleaning it and throwing away old toys. (They are going to love me when they get back)
  • Cleaning my room and maybe moving things around.
  • Working on my novel.
  • Visiting with friends.
I'm starting the last one first. I'm seeing all my girlfriends tonight to catch up and gossip and we're writing our Bucket Lists. I think that is a fun activity for a girls' night. Can't wait to catch up with all of them!

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