Saturday, January 19, 2008

Children's Books

I have to do a shout-out for two friends of mine.

I recently ordered these two books from Amazon. One is local writer Gwen Zepeda's first children's book, Growing Up with Tamales. I love the illustrations by April Ward. It is on pre-order and won't be shipped to me until June 1.

The other book is Grandpa for Sale. My co-worker Vicki Sansum is one of the co-authors, along with Dotti Enderle. The illustrations, by T. Kyle Gentry, also look beautiful in this one.

If I ever write a children's book, which I have wanted to do since I taught a Pre-K class twelve years ago, I would like for my sister to do the illustrations for me. She is a wonderful artist and does not give herself enough credit.

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