Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Day 12 of Post-Op

It's Day 12 since my surgery. I've been working very hard on this post-op diet and I'm happy to report I'm doing okay. There are some days, like yesterday, when I'm very hungry and then days like today, when I do really well. I'm learning some interesting things along the way. Like stringy vegetables can clog you.

Yes! I had a bowl of cream of asparagus and afterwards I felt really full and kind of backed up, like the food was coming up. It was a nasty feeling! I wondered about it so I went on the lap band group on Yahoo and I posted a question about it. Someone answered and told me that stringy veggies can get clogged, since the opening to the rest of the stomach is so small. And that's considering there were only a few small pieces of asparagus in the soup. Another thing that can make you feel that way are the skins on potatoes and fruit. Another thing to keep away from.

I like the way someone described the difference of how we feel full now. She said to remember that now we feel full in our chest first, instead of our belly. So I know that when I get that weird feeling it's time to stop. I'm sure that as time goes by I'll learn to recognize that feeling earlier.

Today I had something really cool happen. I had to go downtown for a meeting and when I got there I still had a little time so I went down to the tunnel to get some Starbucks. When I was walking from the tunnel that leads from the Chronicle building I saw three girls from the Classified department. They smiled and said hi and as soon as I passed them one of them, the one I know better, made a U turn and came up to me.

"You look so good! Are you losing weight?"

I was so thrilled to hear her say that and I told her, "Yes, I lost 15 pounds." We were in the middle of the tunnel and I didn't want to tell her there how but that made my day. Like my daughter says, "It was the best day ever!" Ha ha ha!

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