Friday, January 25, 2008

Busy Past Two Days

Starbucks Poem

After six months of it being open, and going there more than once a week, we finally remembered to take our poem to our Starbucks. My daughter added a star drawing for the Starbucks logo. The staff was very touched and they hung it on their bulletin board. So if you're ever at the Starbucks on 610, between Shepherd & Yale, check it out.


Yesterday my daughter had some really cool homework assignments. One was to think of 25 mammals and to list them. Then she had to find a way to categorize them. We started looking at the list and then I got the idea of looking them up on Wikipedia. We found out that there are 19 different orders of mammals. So we looked up each mammal and found out what order they were in. We (and I'm including myself) learned a lot from this exercise. For example, did you know that a camel (a hoofed animal) is in the Artiodactyla order but that a horse is in the Perissodactyla order? Very interesting! Yes, we're nerds I'm afraid.


I have not worn pantyhose in a long long time, but today I was wearing a suit and it was so freezing that I had to stop by Walgreens to buy some hose. I had forgotten how warm pantyhose really do keep your legs until I got home, ran in to use the restroom, took them off, then went back outside to bring in the groceries. Brrrrr!!!


I was afraid I spent way too much money today but I just went back and looked and it wasn’t that bad. It all started when I went in to my first lap band appointment and afterwards I decided to go into the little store in the lobby of the building. I kept seeing that store but for some reason I never went in. They had so many adorable merchandise! The name of the store is Neal's Cheezy Co., and believe it or not, they don't have a website. I did find them listed here. It is such a cute place too!

So if ever you are in the Med Center at 7515 S. Main go into that little store. They have a variety of things from jewelry to notepads to purses, just a bunch of stuff. They even had some Dolly Mama and Anne Taintor items! I bought a really cute big red stone costume jewelry ring. I also bought some cute costume jewelry earrings with different colored stones. They wrapped them in leopard print tissue and put them in a leopard print paper bag. CUTE!!

Later I picked up my kids and I took my son for a much needed haircut at Super Cuts. There I bought Nioxin shampoo on a friend's recommendation for thin hair.

Then it was a trip to Kroger where I went to buy needed groceries but ended up coming out with a lot of extra non-essential items. Somehow a DVD of the movie The Iron Giant snuck into my groceries!

Finally we went to Family Dollar to buy the kids some toys. My daughter for staying on "green" all week and getting an E in conduct for the 3rd week in a row. My son for being a good boy today with the sitter and being a very good boy while he got his hair cut. With the very challenging personalities they both have I have to reward them for any good behavior I can get out of them.

It always amazes me the prices you can pay at Family Dollar for name brand toys. Check it out if you never have assuming it's a dollar store. It's not. It's a discount store but everything doesn't cost a dollar. Therefore you get a lot of good name brand stuff for $3, $5, or $10.

KUHF Local "This I Believe" Series

You know how when you hear about something all of a sudden you are hearing about it all the time? Well today I heard one of the local "This I Believe" essays. It was so excellent! It made me want to look up this college professor to send her a note telling her how much her essay impressed me. I'm glad I looked at these online because now I can go back and hear all the ones I missed. Check it out.

I have a sore throat. It started yesterday and got progressively worse today. I need to suck on a lemon with honey. I need to drink some hot chamomile tea with lemon and honey. I hate being sick!

And I got my first fill today! It wasn't that bad. It felt like a shot. They told me everything looks really good. I've been very fortunate. I haven't had any complications and my healing has been really good. I am supposed to feel a lot more restriction now that they put a tiny bit more fluid in my band. The fluid helps the band tighten up more. I'm on fluids for 48 hours, or until Sunday afternoon. Then I'm on mushy foods for another day. I hope it helps kick start me on a little more weight loss.

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Moose said...

You have been busy these past two days... and you know, I miss those days when my kids would sneak DVD movies, cookies, or candy into my grocery basket.