Monday, January 07, 2008

Lap Band Girl Here

I am really enjoying chronicling my lap band experience. I've even thought that it's a great reference tool for people thinking of being banded. I'm no "expert" or doctor, but I’m think it would be cool for people to read the point of view of an average girl's experience. (notice how I like saying girl, not woman ;-) But I'm thinking that maybe I should launch another blog especially for this topic. Like "Lap Band Girl."

Send me your thoughts. That way that topic doesn't take away from this blog topic, which deals more with the thoughts of a working writer mom, living inside the loop, and my observances. Or should I just incorporate this experience into the same blog as part of my over all experience as a writer working mom struggling with her weight too?

I like the idea of starting another blog, but then I think that I’m a one-woman show and it’s hard enough keeping up with this one. I don’t even blog on my MySpace blog. I often just copy entries from here to there. To tell you the truth, I’m not that crazy about MySpace. I only went on there to begin with because that’s how I communicate with my young nephews and niece. So the idea of launching yet another website seems daunting. Hmmm… maybe not….

OK. Thanks for helping me flush those ideas out.


Moose said...

I honestly like the way you have incorporated your new weight venture on here. Plus I would hate for you to put more emphasis on one blog and not the other.

I know, I am a freak.

ShoeGirl Corner said...

Yeah, I agree. I mean, that I should just stay w/one blog, not the freak part. Well maybe the freak part too. :-)