Friday, January 18, 2008

I Need a Literary Agent

OK. I'm taking Nikki Hardin's advice in the January issue of Skirt! and I'm yelling it out to the universe to see if anyone answers. (Do you notice the essay had a profound effect on me?) No, I don't believe in any New Age stuff, but I do believe in the power of the Internet. So here it is. I need an agent!

I need a literary agent who wants to take on a new never-published author. A Hispanic Chica-Lit author who has written a book about mothers and their daughters. My husband affectionately refers to it as the "Latina Joy Luck Club." I don't mind. I love Amy Tan, so any comparison to her greatness is fine with me.

So I need an agent who loves literature by Hispanics, about Hispanic women, and who knows publishers who love that type of literature too. If you know anyone like this, please send him or her my way. Or if that person is you, please contact me.

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