Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Real Book

One of my best friends came over tonight to have dinner and a drink (yes I can have a glass of wine) and we were reminiscing about my insane family. She and my husband were cracking up and my husband said, "There's your book."

My family alone would make a great comedy. I need to write about them.

We were remembering the time we (my friend went with us) took a family vacation to California and the Grand Canyon and we spent the night at a rest stop and my dad went to sleep outside and he tried using a rock as a pillow, and then he broke his glasses when he dropped the rock on them.

On that same trip he wanted for us to just spend the night in a gaudy "honeymoon suite" hotel (there were no rooms to be found) in Las Vegas but he just wanted to just drive through. We were all confused as to why we stopped in Las Vegas in the first place and it turned into an argument.

My friend was remembering one time when one of my sisters was super pissed at me one night and into the next morning. In the morning she came into the front house (she lived in an apartment behind the house) and was talking smack, so I closed the door to my bedroom. She kicked open my door proceeded and to kick the mattress I was sleeping on on the floor. My friend was sleeping on my bed and she was so startled and told her to calm down, so my sister stopped. I'm sure that if my friend hadn't been there she would have kicked my butt.

I know we sound crazy, but some (er) passionate Mexican families are like this. We were cracking up at the memory as we told my husband about it.

Yeah, I had a pretty crazy family and if I wrote about them they would fill up a whole book on their own. That's what I need to do. That's my real book.

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