Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Skirt Magazine

One of my co-workers heads up a wonderful publication that is fast becoming one of my favorites, Skirt Magazine. It is such a fun, sassy magazine! What's really cool about it is that it originated in Charleston, SC and the publisher, Nikki Hardin, took it national by partnering with newspapers around the country. What a cool idea!

The Chronicle launched their local edition of Skirt! in late 2007. You can pick it up in racks all around the city.

The national website is pretty cool too and you can see the themes or each month's publication. You can also go online to see the stories that ran in the Houston edition or any of the other cities. Anyway, I just wanted to tell y'all that I really love this publication. It is exactly the kind of magazine I would want to publish if I was going to do something like that. I definitely want to submit something to them. Maybe they'll consider publishing one of my essays....

That's all.

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