Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Day Five of Post Operation

It's Day Five and I'm actually counting down the days until I can have thicker liquids, like cream of mushroom soup and cream of chicken and split pea (w/o the ham), and yum, tomato soup.

Okay, I know I sound pathetic but you try drinking nothing but liquids since Friday. Actually I had my last real meal (although carb free) Thursday. Friday I couldn't have a shake or anything heavy. I only had tea, water, broth, etc. It's Tuesday, so I haven't had food in five days. It's a first for me!! LOL!

The biggest challenge has actually been juggling getting me better and nursing these two sick kids. My baby boy has been coughing non stop this morning. It looks like the Tylenol cough medicine isn't doing anything for him. Rey had to go into work for a couple of hours today so he's picking up something stronger for him. My daughter was still running fever this early afternoon. I just hope they are better by tomorrow, my poor boobooshkoos.

This blog has taken an interesting turn. I started off as a working mom, writer. Then I've talked about the neighborhood and living in the city, and now y'all are reading all about lap band surgery. Interesting! More later!

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