Monday, December 31, 2007

Day 4 and Still Going!

Yesterday Day 3 was pretty good except that I started getting hungrier. That's supposed to be a good sign because it means that I'm healing.

Even though they didn't cut my actual stomach they did need to cut into the tissue around it to get the band around it. Plus I'm sure the whole ordeal is a shock to my stomach. Like, "What the heck is this around me?" Plus the five cuts in my belly to get in there to do the job. Like Rey said, "those are like stab wounds." Great way to put it! LOL!

So I've been browsing on online support groups to see what other people say about the lap band and their experience and I've found a woman who was banded a week before me. a couple of girls that were banded the day I was. and one that was banded the day prior. All in different places, except one. Coincidentally one of them was banded on the same day and at the same place as I was.

One of my worries was that I'm starting to feel hungry! I thought I wasn't supposed to feel hunger for a week but I guess the hunger is a good thing. On my post-op diet it says that I should have one protein shake. I read that like one per day and at first that seemed realistic, but now that I'm getting hungry it doesn't. (because they also allow sugar free jello and broth) So I called the surgical center and spoke to a nurse today and she told me, "Oh no! It means as meal replacements."

Thank goodness! I was starting to think that maybe the lap band is a whole psychological thing and that in reality you lost all the weight in the first 4 weeks from starvation. Just kidding! I really didn't think it meant one shake per day but I wanted to make sure anyway. Three of these shakes per day is doable.

The funny thing is that I've never been a Slim Fast kind of person. I've never had any desire to do liquids as meal replacements. I think I've tried it, a long time ago, and I was still hungry for food. So I've been really surprised how filling the Adkins shakes were and now how filling these Arbonne shakes are too.

The only down side to this time at home recuperating has been that the kids have been sick. I was up at dawn today with the little one and now my daughter seems to be getting really sick too. I hope she's better towards the end of the week because I want to take her to Chuck E Cheese and to the museum so she feels like she did something on her break.

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