Friday, December 28, 2007

It's Official! I have a Lap Band!

I was banded today. This morning at approximately 10:30 and it's 11:35 p.m. central time and I feel pretty good. I'm surprised!

I was in some discomfort when I got home but I kept drinking water, took liquid Extra Strength Tylenol, napped and then walked around for a bit around the house.

I've been moving around quite well all evening. I took the prescribed liquid pain medication around 8 p.m. (my husband had to get it filled today) but it didn't make me groggy. It just took the edge off.

I am so excited to have gotten this done! I feel like it's just the extra tool that I need to help me along. At almost 40 (okay 38 in February) I am accepting my short-comings and where I need help. This is one of my areas.

I have only had clear liquids today. I've had sugar free jello, chicken bouillon broth, chamomile tea, and lots of water.

Tomorrow I get to add in a little more to my diet, like my shakes. I had to buy some Arbonne shakes. First I was drinking Adkins shakes until the Arbonne shakes came in and those came in yesterday. So starting tomorrow I'm going to start making those. I bought 3 flavors, chocolate, vanilla and chai latte. I can only have shakes, coffee (THANK goodness), tea, water, broth, you get the idea, liquids. Thank goodness the shakes are filling!

Week two I thought I got to do soft foods but I don't! I have to do thicker liquids, like cream of chicken, cream of mushroom, etc. I need to buy a bunch of soups for work.

It's isn't until week 3 that I get to eat mush! That's when I eat soft baby foods. Anything soft. For example someone suggested that I boil a cauliflower until it's falling apart. Then whip it, add yogurt butter (or your choice of low cal butter) and salt and pepper and it will taste just like mashed potatoes.

So as you can see the first month is going to be a killer!


Suvii said...

I am sooo happy for you! And so happy to hear you are already feeling ok and able to move around! When you're up to it, I'd love to chat more about this with you. I think I need to try to do something similar b/c I'm just not having any success. Let me know when you're up to chatting.

Moose said...

Good Luck ShoeGirl!

When you get to week 3, remember to wear a bib for the soft/mushy foods and know that cauliflower is a gas maker.

Would passing gas be painful after surgery?