Monday, December 17, 2007

Inner City Crime

Friday night one of those things happened that always shakes you up. Our neighborhood Fiesta was robbed . It's really scary when something like that happens that close to home. I told Rey that I could have been there. His response. "It can happen anywhere."

I know what he means, but I wonder how often the suburban stores get robbed as compared to the inner city ones.

It's sad really. As much as I want to believe Rey, I must admit it scares me to go back to my Fiesta. I needed something today that I thought they might not carry so I went to Kroger, but deep down I felt like I was making excuses. I was kind of scared to go to Fiesta. Of course I doubt the same store will get robbed that soon but there's always that chance that they may return to finish the job. Crazy thoughts I know...

The thing is, I'm no stranger to this kind of violence. My uncle was shot and killed in his store when I was 11 years old. He died in my mother's arms. For a long time I was really scared in that store. His widow ended up closing it a year or so later. I don't blame her. She was shot during that robbery too but she survived.

Sadly, growing up in the city you get used to hearing stories like these.


Coco said...

Congratulations on your daughter being a Reading Champion!! What an accomplishment : )

it's so scary, especially when so close to home!

Un fuerte y caluroso abrazo...
Feliz Navidad! : )


Strega-nona said...

Very scary. I was mugged about a year ago at this very Fiesta. I was hesitant to return there but did shortly after, reasoning that it was just probably an isolated incident. After this, not so sure anymore. I'll probably head to Kroger on Shepherd & 11th now. So sad becaue this Fiesta is so convenient for me to just zip in and out.