Sunday, December 02, 2007

Going Back to Work

When I went back to work this week I felt rested but I also started counting the days until my next vacation. After this week I have exactly three full weeks of work before I have one whole week off again. I want to start planning more fun things to do with the kids, like taking them to the Space Center Houston again. I got 4 free tickets, so that should be a fun thing to do. I also want to take them to the art museum and to the Menil this time. I want to do some things for me too. I'll probably take them to the Children's Museum this time because we ended up going to the Health Museum this past vacation.

On another interesting note. My 20 year reunion is coming up! YES! Can you believe it? I'm on the planning committee and we had a meeting this past Friday. We are trying to decide first of all how to finance this and whether we will have enough interest from the class to finance it ourselves or if we should use a company.

SO if anyone out there is reading this and you belong to the Class of 88 of Waltrip High School and you haven't signed up for the Waltrip Yahoo group, do so today. Once you sign up to this group you can vote on what we will do.

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Moose said...

Have you guys been to Moody Gardens?
There should be a Christmas lights display during this time... and ice skating. We went last year... it was fun.