Sunday, January 13, 2008

Restful Weekend

I had a nice restful weekend. I didn't do much of anything, which always leaves me with mixed feelings. It feels nice to rest, but then I feel guilty that I didn't do more. I know there are a hundred things to do, but I don't always feel like doing them. I don't quite understand that about myself. And I don't just mean laundry, housework, and other obligations, I mean artistic interesting thing too.

My friend and I were just saying today that we need to do more artsy things. There are so many things to do in Houston.

Here's a list of places in Houston that I would like to visit more.

1. The Museum of Fine Arts Houston
2. The Menil Gallery
3. The Lawndale Art Center
4. Talento Bilingue Plays
5. Contemporary Arts Museum
6. Station, Museum of Contemporary Art

I just saw a really good movie, A Good Year with Russell Crowe. I never heard of it before and I was pleasantly surprised. It had a really "good" feeling to it.

Every time I see movies like that one, and like French Kiss, I dream of living in Europe. I always tell my girlfriend who married a guy from a small town in Spain that French Kiss reminds me of her and her husband, except that instead of a vineyard her husband's family owns a jamon factory. So maybe she's more like Jamon Jamon. No, French Kiss, because her story is more about romance. I always threaten to use the skeleton of her story as the outline of a novel, if she doesn't write it herself.

I love it when I hear my husband telling people that when we are old we may retire to Spain or Italy. I love that he also thinks that way, even though we don't talk about it often. It's a possible dream.

Another not so recent favorite movie was The Lakehouse. I love movies like that, that have to do with time differences. I love watching it again, even though I already know what's going to happen. I have it playing right now while I write. I'm weird like that. Once I've seen a movie and I know what it's about I can just listen to it while I'm doing something else.

Bath time for the kids and bed time soon. My daughter is taking the Stanford test tomorrow so I need to put her to bed early.

I start working out this week! Not weights or stomach crunches yet, but I can start doing the treadmill and eliptical machine. A new week of working out, being a mom, and work.

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