Saturday, January 26, 2008

My Love for Magazines

I love magazines. If I had more time I would read more magazines. Sometimes when I think about it, it's cool that I work for the Hearst Corporation and that they publish some of the best magazines in the country. (And I get an employee discount!) My favorite magazine of course is O Magazine, but my love for magazines started a long time ago when I was just a kid.

The first magazine I ever remember reading and loving was Highlights. I used to love to read that magazine at the dentist office and I was thrilled when one of my sisters bought me a subscription for one year. I cherished those issues.

My second favorite magazine was Young Miss, now known as YM Magazine. When I was a kid it was published on a small 5 x 7 size and the pages were newsprint. I loved to read, "Was My Face Red" and the fiction stories. The best!!

Then I moved on to Teen Magazine. Do you remember that one? I loved to read the poetry submitted by other teens and I used to clip my favorites. I wonder what ever happened to some of those kids. Did they become writers? I still have some of those poems taped to the inside cover of one of my photo albums. That's the age when I started reading fashion and beauty advice. Loved it!

What a stroll down memory lane! I remember the days when I had the time to read magazines. Now when I receive my O Magazine it takes me forever to read it. I usually keep it in my car so that I have it available for those times when I have to wait at the nail shop, the doctor, or for someone I'm meeting for lunch. Or if I'm having lunch by myself I like to read. Before I know it I'm receiving the next month's issue and I haven't even finished reading the current month.

I love to ponder over the different finds they recommend, just like I did when I was a teenager. I love reading their book recommendations and I ALWAYS read "What I Know for Sure" first. I open the magazine to the very back, very much like Harry read books in "When Harry Met Sally," and I read the last article. I also enjoy the Ahaa! moments of different celebrities. Not because I'm into celebrities, but because I enjoy seeing the human side of all people.

I LOVE reading Martha Beck's and Suzie Orman's advice. And I love Lisa Kogan! She is so hilarious. I love this magazine. I don't really mind not having time to read other magazines because this magazine fullfills me, just like Highlights, Young Miss, and Teen did when I was a kid.

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The Moose said...

I remember your Young Miss magazines. I think that's how I got into them. As I have gotten older, I really enjoyed Real Simple magazines, US magazine, and of course Fangoria which I have subscribed here in Denmark.