Thursday, January 24, 2008

Links To My Stories

If you haven't noticed it already, check out the LINKS on my side bar. They will link you to the short stories that were published on the Houston Institute for Culture website.

One of them, "Margarita," is a chapter from my novel. I've revised it since I wrote this version and the chapter title is really "Beatrice," because she's the one telling the story about her mother Margarita.

The other, "The Grapefruit," is a fictional account based on a true story that my father told me growing up. The main character is actually my father and something exactly like this happened to him. I just embellished it, like most fiction writers do. I have another similar one that I need to finish called "The Canal."

Hope you all like them, if you've never read or heard any of the fiction that I've written.

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