Monday, January 07, 2008

The Changing Face of Houston

After being holed up for almost a week it was really good to get out last Friday.

I'm always surprised to see the changes going on all around me. One change is across the street from Lindale Park on Fulton and next to the Korner Bar, the bar I mentioned in my tamale post. The neighborhood is officially called Fulton Court. These houses are really cute and great for someone that doesn't want a yard. The Metro Rail will eventually go down Fulton, right past this neighborhood so I think this is a great investment. Hey! Maybe the non-Hispanic patrons came from across the street!

Not too far from there, along 45 N, before it meets 610, they are building more new homes. I haven't driven by them yet, but I can tell they are more of those 3 story skinny monsters.

Also, next to my new Target on I-10 (notice how I call it "my") they are building new lofts called the Sawyer Heights Lofts. Great location! Great view of the park on one side and downtown on the other (I think). I'd have to stand inside to see if that's really the case.

They are also building a Chili's next to the Target! Now Chili's isn't my favorite restaurant, but with a shortage of chain restaurants in the 'hood it's nice to see a chain that saw our neighborhood worth investing in. Thanks Chili's and thanks Target. Target with the Starbucks inside.

I LOVE that Target. It was the best gift given to the city dwellers. It's such a great central location, close to downtown if you work downtown and close to everyone who lives on Washington, The Heights, The Woodland Heights, Lindale Park, Northside, I could go on and on...

I also drove down Washington and that area is ever changing. They are building building building! A new shopping strip is going up with a Yoga center! I also saw a cute new coffee shop driving towards downtown. I can't remember the name, but I think it was Italian. It looked very cozy and inviting and I need to go back there.

I love my city! I love what's happening with it. I only hope that Rey and I are ready with a cool renovated house soon to match our cool neighborhood!


The Moose said...

Yesterday, I went to the grocery store that's just a few feet from our apartment. Unlike the stores in the U.S., you have to buy your shopping bags and I would say that they are about 40 cents each. Anyway, as I was up at the register, done paying the bill, I pulled out my one and only TARGET plastic bag. That little sucker sure has come in handy and I always get asked where I got the bag from.

Man, how much I miss shopping at TARGET and then getting me a Green Tea Frapp at Starbucks.

The Moose said...

I loved The Heights area. Can't wait to see all the changes that have gone on since my move in August.

I hope you and the kiddos are doing better.

Suvii said...

How are things going now that you're back at work? Hope you are continuing to feel good!

ShoeGirl said...

I love it! Target makes its debut in Denmark! You have to buy your own bags??! Man, that's brutal!