Sunday, June 15, 2008

Yay! I'm Famous and Apparently Oscar De La Hoya is Even More Famous

I was featured on Good Mom/Bad Mom. Jenny listed my blog entry about my son peeing in my trash can. Too cute! Thank you Bloggess!

Of course I know Oscar De La Hoya is famous, but I had no idea he's like movie star famous! I actually thought that he was going to come to this VIP reception tonight and that he would mix and mingle and talk to people. Not so! He was shuffled in with security, HPD, and around the room with people pressing up and trying to meet him, get his autograph, and picture.

Rey won a copy of his book, but in Spanish, so he asked him to sign it, which he did. Later we went over to the book signing at Barnes & Noble and we were able to get in line first to have our English edition signed, since we were also invited to the reception. That was pretty cool.

Thank you Tony Diaz and Nuestra Palabra! It was a lot of fun and a nice outing for me and husband. We had some yummy Mexican food over at Doneraki and some delicious margaritas.

I have a lot more to tell y'all but it's getting late. I have to tell you all about my recipe that will be featured in an upcoming book, "Bodega Party in a Box," published by Neighbor's Project. I'll blog all about it soon!

P.S. By the way, I wasn't domestic at all yesterday. I didn't do any of the domestic things I had planned except keeping the living area- living room, dining room and kitchen presentable. OH! and I did cook dinner like I had planned.

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