Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bath Time Conversations

Son: I want to take a bubble bath!!
Me: OK. Let me wash the tub.
Son: I want for Sissy to take a bath with me.
Me: No, let Sissy take a bath later. You take a bath first.
Son: NO! I want to take a bubble bath with her!
Me: Y'all are getting too big to take a bath together.
Son: Why? Our big butts won't fit in the tub?
Me: Sigh! Never mind. OK. Ask your sister if she wants to take a bath with you.

Daughter: Yay! Let's take a bath with Mr. Bubble!
Me: Ooh! You're in trouble with Mr. Bubble!
Daughter: Ha ha! (she's heard my joke before)
Son: (all concerned) Why???
Me: It's just a rhyme.
Son: OH!

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Moose said...

Your son rocks!