Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Vacation in the Big Easy

It was quick. It was fun. I did something I never ever do. I went on vacation without an itinerary. And I actually had a really good relaxing time. Saturday we went to the French Quarter and walked around. We got a daiquiri and went back to the hotel. The kids swam in the pool. Then we took our in laws out for dinner and a night out. My step-daughter was kind enough to babysit.

Sunday we went to IHOP for breakfast and then the Oak Alley Plantation. Here's a photo Rey took above. Beautiful 350 year old oak trees! You have to see it. Too cool! We did the tour then we went by the gift shop on the way out. They also have a little restaurant, but it was closed. It's also a bed & breakfast. I would love to to stay there one day!

Monday had breakfast, went to see step-daughter's apartment and then we came home. It was short and sweet, but very restful, even with the kids. It was nice to have nothing to do. I just read my O and Vogue Magazines on my down times.

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