Saturday, June 07, 2008

Random Post

Family Photo.

Light House on Clear Lake. Photo by Rey

I just wanted to share these random photos. Rey took so many great pictures of that light house at different angles with the sun on it and behind it. I just chose one because all of them are great.
We went to a cousin's wedding on a boat, the Republic of Texas. I'm doing something I hardly ever do. I'm posting a photo of my kids. But I'm doing so along with a picture of my husband, so that no one gets any ideas when they see how big my husband is. He serves as a really great body guard for all of us. ;-)
I was just telling my husband that we have had something to do every single weekend for the past four Saturdays. I think we finally get a break next week. Nothing to do. I don't have another major event until June 28th after today.
I don't really have anything funny or insightful to write about today. I wrote a pretty good blog entry over at my skirt blog based on this great article called "The Missing Years." I loved this author's insightful look into being a mom and having a past. How much do we share with our children when they are adults?

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Moose said...

Shoegirl, I do believe that it's important that we share our past with our kids. History are our memories. By the way, I really enjoyed the photos you sent me. Thanks.