Tuesday, June 10, 2008

So My Son Peed in My Trash Can

I'm eating dinner tonight and I hear my son calling, "Mommy, I'm done!" or so I thought.

I thought to myself, "Oh great!" but then again as a mother of two I have become accustomed to wiping butts in the middle of a meal and then going right back to eating. Gross, I know, but I really try not to think about it.

I got up and went looking for my son, but he wasn't in the restroom. "Where are you?" I asked.

"In here!" I heard him say. He was inside my bedroom.

I pushed open the door to find him with his pants down to his ankles and with a look on his face that told me, "I know exactly what I just did."

"WHAT did you do?" I asked anyway, knowing full well the answer.

"I went pee-pee in your trash can!" he said pointing proudly at the trash can, "It went down down down."

I yelled his name and then I yelled, "REY! Come here! Come see what your son has done!"

He got up reluctantly, because he could just imagine what was up.

When he asked him why he peed in my trash can his answer was a very crazy, "I couldn't make it!"

"The restroom is just a few feet from the bedroom! You know you could have made it!" and then he went on to get after him. I could tell he was trying real hard not to laugh. I on the other hand was not being successful.

While I let him get after our son I went into my bedroom and closed the door and laughed so hard. I couldn't help it. It was freaking hilarious! Who wouldn't laugh at that?


Moose said...

I know of a few late thirty-year-olds who used to pee on different things as kids, who are now making money staring in their own adult Dutch or German fetish sights. : )

I love your cookie kids' adventures. They are very sweet and funny.

Thanks for this posting. Made me laugh.

Carissa(GoodnCrazy) said...

Yeah that's funny. My 90+ grandmother was staying at my moms. She had a hard time getting to the potty at night, and well...we had to keep reminding her that the trash can in her room was not for that...

The young and the old, I guess.

ShoeGirl Corner said...

Moose, YUCK!!

Good, Awww!!!

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Featured on Good Mom/Bad Mom on the Houston Chronicle.


Jenny, the Bloggess said...

PS. Better in the trashcan than the sauce pan.

Mary said...

Had to laugh cause I recently had a similar experience...and blogged about it, of course! (It's the May 10 post in case you wanted to check it out.) Hang in there!