Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Bloggess is like Oprah

First of all I love hummus. I don't know why I'm telling y'all that, but I felt compelled to share that about me. Today I bought a hummus mixed with black olives at Kroger. I'm also currently in love with cranberry juice and vodka. Don't ask me why, but I am. I figure I might as well ward off any urinary tract infections while drinking.

Another thing is the love just keeps coming. I have had so many visits to my blog just because Jenny, the Bloggess, mentioned me on the Chronicle's Good Mom/Bad Mom. Today I had at least 4 visits that came from that referral, that I can see. I can't see all of them if their info is protected. Yesterday it was around nine. The first day it was more than twenty. CRAZY! Being mentioned by the Bloggess is obviously like Oprah recommending a book or like, endorsing someone for the Democratic nomination. So just for today I'm putting double spaces between my sentences just for her.

I head a hilarious segment on NPR today about the new IKEA opening up in Brooklyn. Apparently the IKEA is providing a free ferry ride across the water and it drops you off right in front of the IKEA. The reporter was interviewing New Yorkers on the ferry. I don't know why I enjoyed that so much but I did.

I e-mailed my cousin Cindy on the drive home and asked her if she had gone to the new IKEA in Brooklyn yet. She said it barely opened today. OH! I guess I was in the know because I listened to NPR on the drive home. I actually learned something because I listened to the radio instead of talking on the phone all the way home. I forgot my earpiece at home today and I don't talk on the phone without it while driving. I just e-mail people.


Coco said...

I'm on vacation : )
But I go back to work on Friday-
Summer School!!

Hummus!! I LOVE it!! It's real easy to can also use soft tofu w/garbanzos Mmmm!

MMMmmm! (slurp)
Haven't had vodka & cranberry juice in a long time...

I'll stop by the Blogess and Good Mom/Bad Mom...

Que estes bien...
Abrazos y Bendiciones

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

"I just email people." Ha! That is much safer, my friend.

ShoeGirl Corner said...

I'm a hummus lover!

I know! I know that last sentence will really raise some eyebrows!

Moose said...

Dimassi's restaurant has great hummus. You should visit it, if you haven't.

Cape Cod's a.k.a. cranberry and vodka... (drool)

I love shopping at IKEA. Great ideas for tiny apartments, not to mention their cheap prices.

Hope you are doing good.