Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Domestic Day at Home

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I have done something every single weekend for the past 4 weekends. Wedding, Visitors, New Orleans trip, Assembly (religious meeting), and every activity that goes with those events. I even took the kids to Discovery Green on Memorial Day.

So this is the first Saturday to just stay home and take care of house things.

At first I was thinking of the kids and doing something with them because we are going to see Oscar De La Hoya tomorrow and we are leaving them at home. I felt like we should do something with them today in exchange.

But then I thought, "Why do they have to do something every weekend?" They really don't.
I think that as parents, especially working ones, sometimes we feel obligated to entertain or kids every weekend. But we don't have to. Think about when we were kids. Our parents didn't take us somewhere every weekend. We definitely didn't go out to dinner as much as we do in our day.

Even last weekend. On Sunday we had a nice dinner after our meeting and then we met our friends for ice cream. Later we went grocery shopping as a family and I went running. (I forgot to blog about running. I was thinking of doing that the day I went running) We had a nice day.

So you see, any time we spend with our kids is good. Like right now, they are watching cartoons and my husband is dozing on the couch. In a little while I'm going to turn off the TV, so they can play and use their imaginations.

I am going to start on the huge mountainous task of folding clothes, putting up clothes, sorting dirty clothes, etc. etc... It's scary even thinking of everything that I have to do, but it has to get done. I'm even defrosting some meat to make with tomato sauce and wheat fettuccine for dinner. (we're trying wheat pasta for a healthy change)

I am not the domestic Goddess that I wish I was, but today I will have to try.

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Insane Mama said...

I'm with you, this never ending scheduling crap with our kids is too much! I really think kids need and enjoy down time.
ps, I'll finish the story soon I promise :)