Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Totally Can't Unpark and Karaoke on You Tube

(I know unpark is not a word but it fit better) I was so embarrassed today and thank goodness it was a friend/co-worker who saw me because then I was a little less, no I was really, embarrassed.

When I parked this morning in our garage I was just fine, but when I got out in early afternoon to go to my main office I could not get my big butt SUV out of my parking spot. I kept pulling up and pulling out. I'd get closer to the car to my right so I could make the turn when I started backing up. Nothing worked. I was parked right in front of a big post and it had a big red box with the fire hose on it. My sensor kept beeping like crazy every time I backed up. I thought I was about to hit the box or the post or both. Then I saw a car parked with the person sitting inside and I was mortified. Someone saw me making a fool of myself!

Finally, frustrated, I was about to call the security guard to ask her if someone could come help me back out. Right when I picked up my phone to call my friend/co-worker knocked on my window and asked if I needed help. She was the person who had pulled up, parked and saw me trying to get out of my parking space. I was embarrassed, but relieved. She stood in the back and told me how far to back up before hitting the pole. Then I was finally able to turn my wheel and get out. It was crazy.

P.S. My house is a mess, but we had fun singing karaoke as a family. My son swayed and danced to the music (very Stevie Wonder-like) for a little while since he's too small to read the lyrics. We had great fun! My husband was hooked. He found karaoke on You Tube. It was great! He continued to sing and my daughter went on to write her own song and to play her little pink piano in her room. Now my husband has a sore throat. Yes, we are a family full of characters. My house may not be clean, but some things are more important.


Moose said...

You need to get ROCK BAND for the family then if you like karaoke.

Insane Mama said...

I agree! Rock band is too fun!
p.s. Yes, James was mad, but crazy and it was easy enough to convince that "all was well"