Sunday, March 09, 2008

It's Spring!

The time has changed and Spring is on its way. The azaleas are blooming and as usual I forgot to take a picture of mine when they were in full bloom, so I'm going to share pictures of my half dead ones and also my neighbor's beautiful ones. These above are my neighbor's. Sorry the picture is a little dark!

My half dead ones.
These are also mine, and a little pinker.

Oh yeah! I have an orange tree. The oranges are sour and are only good for making marmalade. Not that I am running off to make any marmalade. I wouldn't know the first thing about it. What a waste of oranges!

Here are my giant awesome lemons. They are as big as my oranges.

And no Mexican home would be complete without your very own nopales growing right in your front yard next to the gate, so that every person who drives by your house can see them. The old couple who lived in my house before me planted it.
I always think of my mom and how she would be cutting off the new ones to cook them up with egg and pork. Yes, this is actually a cactus plant for those of you wondering.

OK so now I've given you a tour of my garden and even my neighbor's. I can't grow anything that requires any care at all.


Moose said...

Nopales are also good for the unwanted guests trying to jump over your fence for the lemons.

Do you have any fig trees?

ShoeGirl Corner said...

OH YEAH! I forgot about the fig tree! You can tell some real Mejicanos owned this house.