Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lap Band Update

I'm giving y'all (people who know me) an update because I know you've probably been wondering. Eventually I think it would be a good idea to post a picture, but I'm too lazy. For those of you who know me and remember me four years ago after I had my son, I'm that size now. Yeah, I'm like fitting in clothes that hasn't fit me in almost 4 years! Pretty snazzy!

Yesterday we were invited over to a friend's house for a bar-b-q and I couldn't find my jeans. I was looking in my closet when I saw these khaki pants I haven't worn in about 3.5 years. I tried them on and voila, they fit. It's been three months and I've lost close to 25 lbs.

So I'm wearing them again today to remind myself of the awesomeness of it all. It's Saturday and I'm enslaved to cleaning my house so let me go so I can go do that.

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