Monday, March 24, 2008

Apagen las Luces! The Party's Over!

I've been on an Anne Taintor kick lately, but I also love Dolly Mamas! Check out their site and all the great merchandise. This one just cracked me up!

I am back from vacation! Gone are the days of sleeping in late and marching to the beat of my own drummer. Oh wait! I kinda do the second one already. The only reason I don't do the sleep late part is because I have to get my daughter to school. Just kidding! Of course I get to work at a respectful time in the morning. (smirk)

Okay, it's back to reality this week. I also have good lap band news to report. I had my third fill last Wednesday and I can totally feel the difference. I finally feel the restriction everyone has been telling me about. I think I'm down almost 25 lbs now. I'm going to be stylin' and profilin' in no time at all! Watchale!

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Moose said...

Chale... que cute!